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Brightspark was founded with a wish to take a different approach to software development. Brightspark and the client are equal partners, where the wishes of both are taken into account and promises are kept. Our client does not need to be familiar with the specifics of software development, but gives thorough input in respect to the goals and values the software solution must live up to. Our goal is, based on the given input, to create a software solution to meet the purpose.

The best solution to both parties is a project, which is analysed and developed in small stages.  The creation of a model UI at the very start of the project gives the client the opportunity to constantly be informed of the development and adjust their demands. Although with such agile development, the budget of the project will not be fixed at the start, our experience shows that this method brings the best information systems tailored to specific needs and the users’ positive feedback.

Information systems created over the years confirm the fact, that users are satisfied with systems built with intuition in mind, have beautiful design and work fast. These three values are the main parameters of evaluation for the quality of our information systems.

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Kari Maripuu

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We believe that no single technology has a definite advantage to any other and rather it is important which tools can bring the best solution to the team.

Brightspark is most skilled I using tools from Microsoft. Our experience with the Microsoft .net platform amount to decades, when measured between all team members. So we use Microsoft’s tools to create the majority of our software that demands the most complicated business logic. Besides Microsoft’s tools, we’re also very familiar with CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MSSQL, PostgreSQL, SOLR, RAVEN etc.

We mostly create software used as a web application controlled via a browser window (either in-house or publicly used), but from time to time we are required to develop installable client applications or mobile apps.

During 2018 and 2019 Brightspark’s focus has shifted to our own, in house products. This means that Infore (digital archive and document management), (economic software for companies providing social rehabilitation services) and LEXI Market (information exchange platform for commercial companies) are developed and marketed by our own team.

Every product has its own team, whose everyday job is be responsible for developing and customer service, thus having high level competence in this field. We are convinced that in addition to regular IT-dev services, our own products have a great role in Brightspark’s growth.

We create our solutions in modules, to provide better maintenance of our created products. This allows different functionalities to be developed separately.

A part of bigger info systems is usually an API (a set of functions and procedures allowing the creation of applications that access the features or data of an operating system, application, or other service), that allows different systems to exchange information automatically and makes workflow within a company much smoother. API’s are our regular work field.


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