Äripäev Gasell

Brightspark was announced to be one of 1000 Gasell companies in Estonia, Landing at 28th position, which is an excellent result.

Extract from an article in Äripäev:

Brightspark started out as a two-man band 5 years ago. Right now we’ve grown to be a company that employs 30 people and 80% of our revenue comes from exporting our products and services.

“We’re not a classical start-up. We started out without any external investments, without any ad campaigns. We’ve had a slow growth,” explains Brightspark’s director Kari Maripuu.

At the beginning we had a cooperation with Italians, but unfortunately they went bankrupt and almost dragged Brightspark down with them. “That situation made us act really quickly and look for new clients,” recalls Maripuu. “After some initial difficulties we realized that Estonian market is too small for us and we started thinking about exporting. With the help from Enterprise Estonia we visited Norway and Sweden. In 2014 we were picked to work with a company from United Kingdom that offers logistics software to huge companies like UPS and FedEx.”

In 2015 Brightspark started cooperation with a company from Norway. During this the two companies became equal partners and started to develop software together. The main goal is to release a large-scale cloud based software for data management in 2017.