• Creating e-store applications
  • Management and marketing of an e-store
  • Partnership projects
  • Collecting payments

We have focused our activities on creating e-commerce solutions. Our experience enables us to offer well-planned custom and standard solutions that promote e-sales.

In creating an e-store, channelling the ready-made solution is more important than the software, so we therefore offer our customers cooperation opportunities for the management and marketing of an e-store. We usually offer this service as a partnership, where fees for the management service depend on realised turnover. This partnership cooperation keeps us motivated because income is generated through joint efforts.

We can also help you when you already have an e-store, but struggle with collecting payments (bank links and credit card payments). Our Payment Gateway service enables simple interfaces between payment options and a web store, which in turn allow for collecting payments for products and services in Estonia as well as the entire world.


  • Mobile web
  • Smart solutions

The smartphone era has changed the notion of the telephone forever. A handy and versatile smartphone is the first device we use every day for finding information on the internet. It is a new revolution in the information age that demands web environments and applications adjusted for pocket-sized screens. The “less is more” concept becomes ever more significant in the smart world. A smaller screen requires simple and cognitive presentation of information as well as thorough preparatory work from the presenter of the information.

The development of a smart application starts from processing an idea thoroughly. After that, we will establish an application wireframe that offers an overview of the respective navigation logic and information placement. Then we will create a captivating design solution for the application and finally execute the programming work.

However, it is important to acknowledge that an app is not always the best solution for addressing a smart user. The information and sales sites of companies obtain advantages from a convenient mobile web page in addition to an ordinary webpage and instead of an application.

We are able to help you even if your existing webpage has not been developed by us. We will listen to your vision and offer our help in creating a compact pocket webpage visually as well as developmentally.

Brightspark is mostly focused on Microsoft development platforms (Windows Phone and Windows 8), but we also create solutions for Android and iOS platforms for the purposes of complete solutions.


  • Analysis of information systems
  • Development of special solutions
    (.net and PHP)
  • Optimizing and management of
    information systems

In order to trust our assets, identity, business and family to software,

it has to be developed skilfully and with quality. Brightspark offers a software development service for creating web-based information systems.

We have long-term experience in creating information systems for private as well as state institutions.

We know the operating principles of X-road, e-banking, ID-card and several other information technology architectures. If necessary, we can develop work-station-based customer applications and software for managing hardware.


  • Web design
  • Product design
  • CVI

The success of software and web environments largely depends on aesthetically beautiful, comprehensible and logical user interfaces.

Since 2014, we offer the visualisation of user interfaces in addition to the “backstage” of software.

We have the competency to offer full design solutions that comprise design solutions

for digital channels (web pages, mobile applications) as well as for establishing a corporate visual identity (product packaging, logos and the corporate identity of an entity).


  • Web services, SDK and API interfaces
  • Data transfer and data quality
  • Converting data formats

Regardless of the fact that in the IT world information is seemingly connected, we often experience incompatibilities

in implemented information systems, and in order to transfer data from one environment to another we have to do additional work. Brightspark aids in interfacing implemented software and in delivering the team time for productive work.

We are experienced in integrating local as well as international systems, so if you have systems that do not yet communicate with each other, please feel free to contact us.


  • CMS
  • GRID
  • BulkInsert

Large information systems always comprise smaller components. Applications often implement content management systems (CMS), table view components (GRID), user interfaces, contact forms, authentication, payment options and more.

For our software projects to be faster and of higher quality, we constantly improve our main components and try to develop more new and universally implementable tools with each project. The more tried and tested sub-components are implemented in projects, the smaller the number of errors occurring in applications, and thus the development is also cheaper for the customer.

Since 2012 we have also shared our components with other developers for free or for a small fee.

Our most successful open source code project, Entity Framework Bulk Insert, is available at the following address:

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